Glacier Goa Kaju Gourmet Toffee 300g - Container

Glacier Goa Kaju Gourmet Toffee 300g - Container

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Good things come in small packages. This is true with our individually wrapped GLACIER California Almond Gold Toffees. These are all-natural, Almond Toffee, crafted from the perfect blend of fresh California almonds. We are the only seller of this product in India. These are the creamy toffees with rich taste of almonds. Almond Toffee is made with all-natural ingredients, and is certified Gluten Free. The tin contains 44 pcs of 6gms each. Net weight of the Tin pack is 264gms. Good to have this on birthdays and any other occasions.You can also enjoy the taste of real Goa kaju and many more flavours from the rising brand " GLACIER".

Country of Origin : India

Storage : Ambient

Shelf Life : 9 Months

Type : Vegetarian