Best Diwali gift ideas for employees and corporate clients

by Satyam Sahu
How can you show your gratitude to your employees and those who have had a positive impact on your business this year?
A Diwali hamper is a delightful gift and the perfect way to say thank you, as we head towards the end of 2023. To inspire your choice, below, we have offered a range of corporate Diwali gift ideas and recommendations that will show appreciation to your staff, employees and clients this Diwali.

Showing your appreciation to staff, employees and clients with a Diwali hamper
What better way to bring a little bit of the festive spirit, than with a thoughtful Diwali gift.
It’s a great way of making sure that people who impact your business in a positive way feel appreciated. This includes not only staff and employees, but also suppliers, producers and other important stakeholders.
Sending corporate Diwali gifts can be beneficial in building and preserving long-lasting relationships with existing clients, as well as helping to impress or win over potential new clients, during a time when even the smallest of financial contracts are being closely monitored by those in charge of money.
Sending thank you gifts to all those behind the scenes - from customers and suppliers to business partners and stakeholders - at Diwali, also serves to help reinforce ongoing gratitude and thanks during what may have been a difficult year.
Here’s our suggestions for the best corporate Diwali hampers out there
Corporate Diwali gift ideas for your employees and staff
A Diwali hamper is the perfect gift to show your team how much you appreciate their hard work and commitment throughout 2023.
Treat your staff to a gorgeous Diwali hamper you can have delivered to your work address or individual home address. You can do a mass 'gift handout' or an online joint 'unboxing', via a team video call.

Festive Feast Gift Box
Our Festive Feast Gift Box is a truly thoughtful Diwali gift, full of delicious treats which are both gluten-free and vegan-friendly.  There are Diwali classics, such as Pralines, Waffles and Chocolate Squares, as well as something different. This includes Tandoori Coated Peanuts and Dry fruit Toffee and Flavoured Makhana.
From new office starters to loyal, near-retirement members of staff, there's something special for everyone.
The Festive Night In Hamper
Another favorite that employees and staff will love to receive as a Diwali hamper is The Festive Night In. What better way to say 'take a break', this holiday season?
It features a mouth-watering mix of Bruschette Chips, Flavoured Dry Fruits, and Beverages with Nata De Coco and several premixes suitable for travel.
Light Up! Diwali Hamper 
This Diwali hamper is a wonderful gift to share. The Light Up! Diwali Hamper contains a delightful bottle of Gulabs Sharbat and party mix from thailand. It also features white chocolate almond pralines and a cute jar of cookies. It is a heartfelt gift to send, and one that can be enjoyed by the entire family. That is what Diwali gifts should be all about.
Corporate Diwali gift ideas to treat the whole team
Diwali food gift baskets always go down a treat; after all, who doesn’t like food?
Take a browse through our special selection of corporate Diwali hampers to share and enjoy together.
Treat The Team Festive Hamper
For teams regularly in the office together or have a Diwali gathering planned, the Treat The Team Festive Hamper is sure to tickle everyone’s taste buds. There is something for all team members to enjoy tucking into. They will discover gourmet snacks, a traditional chocolate and festive treats. It's the perfect Diwali gift hamper to enjoy on Diwali Eve or the last working day, before the holidays.
Treat The Team Festive Hamper for One
Finally, if you would like to offer a Diwali hamper to individual team members, then do explore our Treat the Team Festive Hamper for One
Just imagine the look on your people's faces when they are each handed one of these luxury Diwali hampers. They will discover a selection of festive treats, as well as some really unique products, including flatbread bites and Coffee.

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