A Comprehensive Guide To Corporate Gift Giving

by Satyam Sahu
A Comprehensive Guide To Corporate Gift Giving
Many companies recognise how significant small gestures of goodwill are to both staff and customers when it comes to giving gifts. It can make a big difference in establishing and maintaining a positive working or business relationship. Internal rewards are a strong way to improve productivity within your team and external gifts are a great tool for retaining customers and clients. 
Corporate Gifts
However, choosing the right gift isn’t as simple as just agreeing to a budget and deciding on the gift. In fact, giving gifts to your staff or clients can be surprisingly difficult. It is important that you take a few things into account when you are providing gifts to both staff and clients to prevent any hassle later.
It is vital when engaging in corporate gift-giving that you are aware of the companies corporate gift-giving policy, the budget of the gift, the timing of the gift
With that in mind, www.primestore.co.in have created this comprehensive guide to corporate gift-giving with all of the do's and don’ts to corporate gift-giving as well as some handy tips and tricks you will need to make the most out of giving gifts and goodwill to your staff and customers this holiday season.
  • Find out what is acceptable and what is appropriate - Do your research! Most companies have a corporate gift giving and receiving policy, some stipulate that only small, token gifts are accepted, while others don't allow gifts at all!
  • Make it personal - Think about the recipient and consider their personality and culture, delivering alcohol to a tee-total client or sending a chocolate bouquet to a diabetic employee won't go down well. Deliver personally and include handwritten or personalised cards where possible.
  • Stick to a budget - Just like any training fund or new purchase for the office corporate gift giving is an investment and should be treated as one. Set a phased budget early in the year to ensure funds don't run out and leave you unable to thank a valuable customer or celebrate a Colleague's Birthday
  • Pick the right moment - Sending a gift to a company you are bidding for a contract from or sending a gift to a customer who is thinking of leaving you is a bad idea. Sending a gift in an attempt to influence a business decision is bribery and should (obviously) be avoided at all times.
  • Pick a good quality gift - You need to communicate the quality of your service/products through the gifts you give. A corporate gift is a reflection of yourself and your company, a poor quality corporate gift will paint a negative picture of your brand and impair your image.
  • Presentation is SO important - Regardless of Budget presentation is vital. Make sure your corporate gifts are packaged and presented well, the packaging is part of gift after all. Small offerings of nominal value can be transformed into spectacular gifts when presented well
  • Don't overdo the branding - Branded gifts are a great marketing tool, but don't overdo it! If you choose to send a promotional gift, keep the branding subtle. While corporate gifting is a great opportunity to get your brand in front of people, the recipient will likely be distracted by overpowering branding and your gift may be misconstrued as nothing but a marketing exercise.
  • Remember your objectives - The purpose of corporate gifting is to show gratitude and ensure that people think of you when it's time to do business. Keep this in mind when sending corporate gifts!

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